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Power Platform for Healthcare software

Microsoft Power Platform for Healthcare software providers

26 NOV 2020

Power Platform for Healthcare software

Power Platform in healthcare software and its ability to automate process has gained importance from top Healthcare industry experts due to the current pandemic. Also, widely being updated from the healthcare service industries because of its easy adaptable nature.

Microsoft Power Platform is a combination of PowerApps, PowerBI, and Power Automate. To empower the hands of front-line workers in the healthcare department Microsoft has launched an Emergency Response solution using a powerful platform.

Power platform solution in healthcare units consists of mobile phone support for frontline workers, decision support dashboard, and administrative view for flow management. These components assist health systems to make data-driven decisions during the time of emergency and workflow management using healthcare software.

Hospitals and healthcare providers can make use of these software solutions to track and monitor the resources like beds available, ventilators available, and also the equipment or instruments available or they can take necessary actions on the resource scarcity. And based on that hospitals can manage the flow of emergencies to overcome drastic situations.

Microsoft Healthcare software

Microsoft PowerApps got a minimal code to no-code solution for building apps that are similar to business apps, PowerApps integration in healthcare will increase the ease of data access and data availability.

When it comes to the healthcare department medical practitioners can access the data of patients easily, unifying data from multiple resources like excel, word, SharePoint, etc., Practitioners will have access to all the reports under one platform which helps to be well informed with the reports to deliver better patient care oriented results.

Microsoft PowerApps will also enable healthcare departments from tracking medical supplies, beds, ventilators to tracking the data of the patients & updated reports all the time, helping the nurses and doctors to manage patient’s lab tests, test results. Microsoft PowerApps enables teams to access and update all the data in real-time through their mobile phones.

Microsoft PowerBI in Power Platform gives interactive data insights to the reports. Either it would be the report of the patient or the data of hospital resources. PowerBI gathers all the data and enables you to generate highly interactive and visual data insights, this gives interactive reports on the previous data of the patients and the healthcare department which will help the higher authorities or data users like healthcare teams, Medical Practitioners, and frontline staffs to make data-driven decisions.

Power Automate for Healthcare process automation empowers and enhances the healthcare staffs to automate the time taking processes like patient logging, assigning clinicians, discharge reports, etc. where by automating the tedious tasks by using Power Platform enables teams to get timely notifications on patients movement from Admitting, reports till discharge will help Hospitals to serve their patients timely and efficiently.

SharePoint multilingual for employers will enable its users to communicate every prospect in their native language which will lead to an effective way of sharing once experience or thoughts on process to ensure a better work environment.

This is the video on how frontline workers can report key resources (like availability of beds, equipment in use, staffing, etc.) in use using the power platform emergency response template.

Star knowledge is the niche player in serving many industry experts by getting them through automation, healthcare SaaS and new technology implementation in legacy healthcare software, etc. Contact us to have your software build for healthcare solutions to drive efficient and timely patient care.

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