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Flutter app development

Flutter App Development: Why It’s The Best Bet

21 JUL 2020

Flutter app development

Lost in the woods of many cross-platform frameworks? Choose Flutter!

With years of experience in bespoke mobile app development, we’ve witnessed rapid shifts in the market – from native-only to growth in cross-platform frameworks. One such mobile app development trend in recent years that’s breaking the charts is Flutter app development. It stands third on the list of “Most Loved Frameworks & Tools” only after .NET core and Torch.

Google’s Flutter is no more a newbie. It is rapidly setting trends in the cross-platform application development space mainly because Startups are going for hybrid mobile apps built on Flutter without burning a hole in the pocket.

If you ask an app developer, “what do you like the most about Flutter?” They’re sure to talk about how quick it is to build an app on it and how a single type of code can be used for two different platforms (iOS and Android). This is because, Flutter uses Dart – the rapidly growing programming language which has easier syntax and a really good compiler.

Why Flutter App Development is Your Best Bet

  • Dart ranks first in the top 10 fastest-growing programming languages according to GitHub, with 532% growth recorded
  • Cuts application development by 50%
  • Cuts maintenance cost by 20%
  • Saves 40% of the time in application development
  • Cross-Platform trend: 2020 – 2023
  • It has a steady 60fps speed on most devices
Flutter app development

Reasons to Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development

  • Stability and High Performance

Flutter rapidly grew in the past 2 years after flashing out of the arguments of whether to trust its architecture and state management tools. However, in 2019, a huge number of complex applications were written on Flutter the performance of which was faster and better compared to other cross-platform frameworks. When it comes to stability, Flutter apps are not affected by OS updates, system customization, or even changes in API and development approaches.

  • MVP and Flutter: A match made in heaven

We understand that building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is critical as Startups have to deal with time and cost constraints. But when it comes to app development, Flutter is the most ideal framework. Why because it is all about quick turnaround time. With a unique framework, Flutter makes it highly easier to build platform-independent apps that are compatible with desktop, web, and mobile.

  • The code

Whatever Operating System you’d like the app to run on, Flutter apps use a single codebase. Writing codes is faster and easier which meets your enterprise or Start-up requirement of get-my-app-out-faster which makes Flutter app development a top choice among developers. Business giants across the world have all built apps on Flutter. Here’s what they have to say:

“Flutter significantly reduced the time we need to develop a new feature from 1 month down to 2 weeks” “With Flutter, the iOS version of our app was ready in 2 days!” The clean syntax is what enables faster coding, the creation of strong application architecture, and ease of maintenance.
  • Away with the Testing Concerns

Let’s admit it, Quality Assurance is horrendous. This is where things get wicked. And when you’ve different codes for different platforms mobile app testing becomes monstrous. But with Flutter, testing is easier, and you’re quickly all clear with bugs small to big. A single code for different platforms makes it quick and easy for the testing team to help you get the app faster to the market with real-time fixes. The ‘Hot Reload’ is the most loved feature of Flutter that allows quick bug fixes.

  • UI and Business Logic

Flutter offers in-built customizable widgets for building rich UIs. The collection of widgets saves you time and effort in setting UI properties like colors, styles, etc. Individually. And if you’d like to have different UIs for Android and iOS flutter apps, the UI and Business logic can be easily modified. Enhance the attractiveness of the apps with details to visuals and styles.

Advantages of Flutter Mobile App Development

  • Faster & more dynamic mobile app development
  • Developer productivity increases 10-fold
  • Faster time to market
  • No more challenges with UI performance, source code maturities, security tests, and more
  • Access to open-source packages and free SDK
  • A full-fledged app at hand in a considerably shorter time
  • Flutter apps support Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac

Flutter allows you to develop feature-rich, cost-effective, and dynamic cross-platform apps in record time. When you’re looking to outsource mobile app development, our Flutter app developers can help you achieve more with less.

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