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Customer Bill of Rights

Customer Bill of Rights

Star Knowledge offers a ‘Quality-First Attitude’ and ‘best-in-class’ software development, support and engineering services for all widely-used technical environments and products in the marketplace.

Star Knowledge pledges to continually ensure that customers are provided a high-quality delivery of superior technical and business services while simultaneously receiving personalized industry-leading customer service throughout their projects.

The Star Knowledge Customer BILL OF RIGHTS encompass the following:

Individual attention and dedication with a single point-of-contact.

Understand every element of Star Knowledge business policies and support processes.

Demand total satisfaction from the services received from Star Knowledge.

Obtain answers and resolutions to questions and problems in understandable language.

Expect Star Knowledge to uphold the highest levels of responsibility, professional commitment, and employee empowerment in all project interactions.

Expect Star Knowledge to encourage innovation and creativity, in their technical projects, through an unyielding pledge to provide ‘best-in-class’ technology settings, tools, and supporting consulting services.

Know the status of their project, no matter what time of day or night.

right to be able to communicate directly with our Chairman, Kevin M. O’Sullivan, if he or she feels the need to escalate an issue or have concern to discuss about any Star Knowledge project.

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