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Financial services cloud

Salesforce financial cloud to solve financial service problems

11 Mar 2022

Financial services cloud

Financial services industries encounter multiple clients in their daily routine with an aim to provide personalized and private finance solutions, technology made it easier for these firms to provide personalized service for multiple clients at the same time and one such technology helps finance organizations to stay on top of competitors is Salesforce financial services cloud.  

Salesforce cloud for financial services helps organizations to overcome legacy data sets, systems, CRM solutions, and age-old software by assisting organizations to keep clients’ details straight, predictable, and trackable.  

Financial Services Problems:  

  1. Disability in finding the evolving financial needs of the customers.
  2. Unable to make predictive financial decisions for clients based on their circumstances.
  3. Lack of data-driven decisions
  4. Outdated legacy software
  5. Inability to build customer loyalty and trust.

The financial service cloud from Salesforce provides you a 360 insight into the financial profiles of your clients, thus helping you create a personalized experience that builds customer credibility. Salesforce cloud lets finance institutions do more with integrated services, marketing, and sales solutions. 

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 How Salesforce helps find solutions for financial services problems:  

  1. Salesforce FSC gives real-time access to business-critical data and builds intuitive data insights of client journeys irrespective of the financial enterprises.
  2. It helps to deliver the exact need of the customers based on the journey.
  3. Enables you to clean, organize, and make use of an overwhelming amount of data in predictive decision-making.
  4. Provides easy access to information, track account, contact respective advisors, and more.
  5. Helps finance enterprises serve world-class service with trust.
  6. Assists organizations to deepen clients’ relationships.
  7. Meets the evolving needs of the customers

Why choose Salesforce over other platforms? 

Salesforce is originally a CRM solution designed to bring customers and companies together – more than 1,40,000 companies from every industry are happy Salesforce users where 83% of fortune 500 companies are salesforce customers and in 2020 it is named as No 1 CRM provider. Moreover, choosing salesforce over other platforms helps you with: 

  1. Easy data organizing and reporting capabilities
  2. A cost-effective solution
  3. Enables data-driven decisions
  4. Builds effective coordination between sales and finance teams
  5. Enables effective expenses management
  6. Better ROI
  7. Flexible and efficient, and
  8. A modern choice of many CFO’s
  9. Rapidly updating features
  10. AI (Salesforce Einstein) assistance for smarter work

Implementing salesforce cloud in your financial services helps you out in many ways, and organizations will find a way to stay ahead and on top of their competitors with assured ROI, looking to adopt Salesforce cloud solutions? Contact us we can help you build the perfect solution for your organization.

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