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Office 365 Modern Workplace Benefits in Improving Productivity

29 DEC 2020

Office 365 Modern workplace

The current scenario, where everyone is forced to work from home, regardless of we are liking it or not, has forced us to evolve a work practice that compels us to collaborate from behind the screens of our machines called the modern workplace. With an increased need for seamless communication and collaboration, several tools have flooded the markets leading to a highly chaotic business environment. There are 5 types of collaboration tools we must use to leverage the benefits of the modern workplace.

Imagine your organization running independent collaboration systems for each of the below

  • Email
  • Chat
  • File Storage and Document Management
  • Conferencing Tools
  • Project Management Tools
  • Social Network
  • Several Other systems and apps commonly used as part of the daily practice

Well, I have not even gone over a detailed breakdown of each tool. However, most organizations have been pretty much trying to use several tools for each of the above, which naturally has consequences:

  • Expense subscription for licenses and SaaS model for each tool, leading to higher budgeting.
  • Managing mobility for each application is a challenge especially when data is stashed in different environments.
  • A chaotic environment with loosely couple scenarios at most places leading to a more stressful work culture where the focus would shift towards the tool management from managing the business processes.
  • Eventually, most land up buying an additional tool to manage their Single Sign-on to manage password fatigue and application security.
  • Compliance requirements forcing to think twice before you do anything on a system.

Is this relatable? You are not the only one in this slimy situation and excessively stressed. What would you do to grab a system that addresses all the above for you and go beyond just satisfying; rather build an experience that is seamless for your entire workforce? then opt for Microsoft’s O365 solutions.

The whole concept of the Modern Workplace itself isn’t new. However, proper planning that defines how you set up your organization is critical. Modern Workplace is a need for organizations to set up a better collaborative remote workplace to make employees achieve productivity and get satisfaction.

With remote teams, achieving the required productivity is tough, and have disparate systems does not help. Thus, Microsoft provides the most critical idea for a successful modern workplace is the unification of all the systems that are integrated and reflect the true meaning of a collaborative eco-system.

Moden workplace from Microsoft Office 365 has been the leader in the space with its suite of applications that are leaders in the business today with the:

  • Exchange Online through Outlook for seamless desktop and mobile experience for your emails
  • SharePoint for enriched cloud collaboration and content management experience
  • Teams that’s defining the modern age collaboration and integrations with its open environment for several systems
  • PowerApps that are defining business applications with no code approach that simplifies development and deployment, build custom RPA on your existing business process including various system approvals that enable your workforce to be truly remote.
  • Valo Intranet defines the new-age intranet on top of SharePoint and direct integrations with Teams.
  • Office Apps that run on any device anywhere
  • Azure AD defines a seamless single sign-on experience for all the apps for seamless management, application security, and enhanced control over compliance policy requirements, data loss prevention, and threat protection.
  • Enterprise mobility for enhanced application and device management for superior security.
  • Telephony services for seamless helpdesk collaboration
  • Microsoft Shifts for shift management between employees and teams

 Getting your organization to cloud or building a remote team is not a simple task for the organizations. A key factor for successful Office 365 modern workplace implementation involves the below use cases:

  • Mapping the current business process requirements and scenarios that enable a seamless collaboration
  • Defining controls that are integrative and scalable
  • Defining your security parameters, perimeter, and controls
  • Defining short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals for the workforce
  • Decreased operational costs and improved productivity and efficiency
  • Careful planning for a successful adoption including defining pilots, defining success metrics
  • Most importantly, the involvement and agreement of all stakeholders

Star Knowledge with its expertise around Office 365 modern workplace consulting has been enabling several organizations across the globe to plan their digital journeys and redefine the work parameters that measure success.

We enable organizations to optimize their adoption patterns and timelines, define the right controls, integrate several applications that are intrinsic to Office 365 products and also 3rd party tools such as Trello,, Polly, and many more to enhance communication, project management, and collaboration by making you more reliant on technology with assisting you to thrive your business prospects.

Proper adoption and implementation of modern digital workplace ensures increased productivity, a more thriving and happier workforce, enhanced digital security, decreased business expense, and employee involvement that in turn reap unmatched rewards for the entire organization.

Are you ready to crunch your expenses, improve productivity the right way, and transform the way you work? Let’s chat today!

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