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microsoft features announced in Ignite

Microsoft New features to support modern workplace

19 APR 2021

Microsoft features announced in ignite

Microsoft ignite has revealed the updates and features of 2021 helping the leaders to adopt technologies for improving their way of collaboration, content management, and implementation of AI.

Azure mixed reality:

To bring high-quality visualization during the team meeting or conference Microsoft has introduced a feature called Azure remote rendering which connects cloud with VR devices to render and convert objects into real-time models to have a quality 3D interactive session between employees, customers, and external stakeholders.

By combining the content platform SharePoint and azure mixed reality Microsoft users can leverage data present in the cloud CMS to design a 3D immersive insight on reports, infrastructure design, architectural design, modeling, etc. This makes them avoid costly mistakes during building a realistic model.

Where Azure is AI-powered to automatically align the objects that resemble the real-time environment through AZURE object anchors.

Microsoft Mesh:

As a new feature for 2021 Microsoft has introduced a new mixed reality platform MESH to enhance the collaborative experience between people working virtually. Microsoft mesh on the azure cloud gives a real-time experience (holographic view) for the people collaborating through the mesh – Mixed Reality Platform.

For enabling users to embrace digital work culture and to bridge the visual gap between the colleagues for sharing knowledge, workflow updates, training, etc.

Access management:

As a security update, data and documents present in Azure AD can be accessed without multifactor authentication each time with the help of Azure AD Conditional Access for password-less authentication through which access can be managed for a set of actions they perform on data and documents present in the directory. With the faster identity verification methods implemented by “Azure AD verifiable credentials” access authentication can be made instantly based on the user ID, certification detail, job code, biometric, etc., to avoid one security solution fit all needs. To ease the access management on multiple cloud locations like Azure, AWS, and Google, Azure has introduced a new SSO (Single sign-on) feature that has a single access credential to access all cloud platforms to improve user latency and flow of work.

Improved collaboration:

For the organizations wanting to practice a hybrid work culture, Microsoft has bought the new feature in 2021 while considering the challenges faced during 2020. Where combining internal and external members, knowledge management, seminar or presentation experience were the most faced challenges during the time of remote work. Hence, to overcome the challenges and to support remote work ignite has announced new features in Microsoft teams that allow you to connect to 1,000 members in a meeting and as broadcast for up to 10,000 viewers with Microsoft teams and Teams connect to access personal workflows and shared documents available in the meeting. To improve the collaboration in 2021 Microsoft Teams bringing up PowerPoint live integrated with teams for a live presentation with content access, meeting chat, screen record, notes availability for the users in a single page view. Learn more… With the years of experience in providing cloud solutions for organizations star knowledge always thrives to make businesses adopt new technologies in the workplace to be future-ready, contact us for the adoption of Microsoft solutions in your journey.

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