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Power Platform for retailers

Retail Automation with the help of Power Automate and Bot

10 DEC 2020

retail automation

Digital technology has played a vital role in the digitalization of each task or thing we do or were doing previously, so adopting technology for automating the manual business processes is maximized. One such industry moving towards robotization for meeting daily needs is the retail industry.

Digital technology doesn’t only mean to online vendors, physical retailers adopting technology to increase productivity and customer satisfaction in their daily routine is quite normal.

Power automate for retail automation is one of the technologies that retail leaders are more interested in because of its easy-to-build (low-code, no-code) platform, cost-effective maintenance, and easy edit features. Power Platform for Retail Leaders includes several built-in functions for using company data and the customer acquisition journey in the retail industry by automating business operations.

Retail sectors can use Power Platform technologies like as Power Applications, Power BI, and Power Automate to make data-driven choices, risk management, campaign creation, mistake elimination, develop custom apps, automate flows, and more to spruce up their retail outlets and modernize the business.

Power platform is a power pack of PowerApps, Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Bots, to drive end-customer satisfaction in retail industries with data-driven decisions, automation plays an important role from automated inventory management to billing for the enhanced user experience.

PowerApps: PowerApps have given open hands to Retail industry leaders with no code – low code development solutions to design their app dashboards and flow functionalities to capture and manage the data irrespective of their location. i.e., a worker can update the data of business activities hourly also in the peak hours, so business leaders can access that data remotely on any device and take decisions.

Power BI: The business owners are away from the time-consuming processes like data collection from various data locations and analysis. With the help of Power BI integrated with power apps or platform collects data from different sources in a single portal and builds reports which are highly interactive with data insights on the data collected, in turn helping them to make data-driven decisions.

Power Automate and Power Bot: Microsoft Power Automate and Power Bot AI feature is being widely used and recommended form the business leaders for its ability to automate the process and workflows like automating transaction management, data management, Billing, inventory management, etc., will reduce the time-consumption and Bot features for interacting with customers by using the data of old queries and responses, so these two are the powerful tools must be used to drive customer satisfaction.

Retail industries can leverage power automate for automating their retail business process in order to achieve excellence in daily tasks, repetitive tasks, and error-prone tasks. BPA helps you to automate plenty of tasks supporting customer journey, from a list of products to receiving delivery information. Power platform provides an easily customizable dashboard for retail owners to build and manage the store automation flow.

According to Statista, Retail leaders are benefiting from industrial automation by cutting 9% in their overall cost of store operation and 8% in avoiding stock outages annually.

Power automate helps in retail automation by enabling business owners to achieve the collection of data from stores located at different locations through PowerApps, converting data into digital reports using Power BI, automating process flow using Power Automate, and automating chats with customers using Power bots.

Power Platform Benefits:

  • Reduced time consumption
  • Well organized day to day tasks
  • Common data model
  • Data-driven decision
  • Labor cost saving
  • Better communication

Are you planning to bring automation to your retail business? Contact us for Power Automate deployment and thrive your retail business with proven customer satisfaction and results-oriented to data-driven decisions and process automation.

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