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Involv’s Intranet Solution for International Equipment Supplier

13 August 2023

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The Client:

An international supplier of refrigeration and catering equipment to exhibitions, events, and retail markets

The Needs:

The client aimed to implement an intranet as an internal communication portal for their 300 employees worldwide. Until then, the staff heavily relied on emails and meetings for internal communication, leading to email overload and excessive time spent in meetings. The client sought a central platform to facilitate information sharing and collaboration across borders, intending to reduce email usage and meeting durations.

Additionally, they desired to incorporate a document management system into the intranet for quicker and easier document retrieval. The platform needed to ensure that all communications, from documents and procedures to insights and personnel information, were searchable. The project scope also included providing a tool for employees to embody and express their workplace culture.


The existing communication methods, primarily emails and meetings, resulted in inefficiencies, email overload, and excessive time spent in meetings. The need for a centralized platform for communication and collaboration, along with a robust document management system, prompted the client to seek a comprehensive solution.

The Solution:

Given that the client was already utilizing the Microsoft 365 package, they opted for an intranet solution integrated with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Involv proved to be the ideal choice, seamlessly integrating with popular Microsoft 365 solutions like SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Power BI, Stream, and Delve.

Involv offered an out-of-the-box feature set supporting the client’s communication strategy, including news and event publishing, incident tracking, FAQs, employee directory, live search, polls, quick links, and more. The platform was easy to use, rapidly deployable, and cost-effective. The Involv intranet emerged as the preferred choice for the client’s communication portal project.


The implementation of Involv’s intranet solution yielded several benefits for the client’s 300 employees across four continents (Europe, America, UAE, and Asia):

  • Unified company knowledge hub established for accuracy.
  • Time-efficient information retrieval enhanced.
  • Improved global connectivity among employees.
  • Decreased reliance on emails and shorter meetings boosted productivity.
  • Organizational clarity and brand reinforcement achieved.
  • Streamlined onboarding for heightened employee engagement.
  • Significant cost savings with a 30% reduction in licensing expenses.


Involv’s integrated intranet solution transformed the international supplier’s internal communication, fostering efficiency and collaboration while reducing email overload. With streamlined processes and improved connectivity, the client achieved enhanced productivity and organizational clarity. Ready to elevate your communication? Contact us today for a tailored solution.

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