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Impact of DevOps culture on IT & Software Development Companies

19 Nov 2019


DevOps is an enterprise software development method where the agility of software deployment is highly optimized by a single team of cross-functional members all working in collaboration. DevOps is a philosophy that combines cultural and technical attributes in agile software development.

Companies that have implemented DevOps culture are getting more things done than those who have not because DevOps promotes agile thinking in all aspects of enterprise application life-cycle. As the basic aim of DevOps is to bring the development and operations team together, it re-energizes software development and maintenance activities.

Benefits of DevOps

Advantages of DevOps are not restricted to a single group of people or departments, they are universal to the organization as a whole.

  • Highly engaged teams
  • Improved operational support
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Stable operating environment
  • High synergy
  • Continuous monitoring and testing
  • Early detection of errors & fixes

Impact of DevOps culture on IT Businesses

Newer approaches to IT are affecting business continuity, and modern approaches like Agile and DevOps are proving to be excellent solutions to various business challenges. And here’s how DevOps impacts companies.

  • Agility

Through DevOps, businesses are bringing about great transformation within the organization. With the growing need for an agile business, companies are achieving higher scalability with in-house and on-site expertise. DevOps is all about breaking silos and executing the best possible outcomes.

  • Continuous Integration and Enhanced Collaboration

DevOps renders the teams with complete ownership and control of all processes. It leads to a faster development cycle. As collaboration and communication are the two main factors of DevOps culture, there is automatic improvement and progress in the development cycles that result in successful project stories.

  • Business Continuity

Innovation is the heart of business continuity and the IT sector is largely benefitting by implementing DevOps. DevOps software development is helping companies in meeting compliance, regulations, and maintaining competitive advantage which is of utmost importance for business continuity. Whether moving to the cloud or releasing newer technological changes, DevOps is helping organizations in enhancing their services.

  • Improved Deployment Frequencies

DevOps culture is keeping IT companies afloat in the fast-changing global market. It is enabling continuous and uniform software/application deployment. Organizations that have implemented DevOps are deploying 200 times faster than those who have not. Launching DevOps will help you move forward to the next level of deployment.

If silos are still negatively impacting your operations then you’re still living in the past. Cloud and DevOps are shining through the cracks made by silos. DevOps has changed the way innovation is being created and performed. DevOps culture has built a strong link between the Development teams and the Operations teams that did not exist before and there is a great amount of transparency and exposure between teams.

  • Continuous Service Delivery

Wondering how to build a continuous delivery environment? DevOps is the solution. An effective DevOps mechanism is helping IT companies create robust methods of efficiency. Quicker turnarounds of development cycles, faster code releases, and efficient production cycles, are all effortlessly achievable with DevOps.

Here’s how DevOps culture is helping organizations remodel:


DevOps ‘Best Practices’ for Successful Implementation

When implementing DevOps culture, it is important that the IT and software development businesses adopt DevOps ‘best practices’ to realize the goal of collaboration excellence throughout the organization, the outcome would be effective communication & collaboration, cleaner codes, smoother operations, proactive problem resolution, and excellent software delivery.

  • Implementing test Automation
  • Integrated configuration Management (ICM)
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous deployment
  • Continuous delivery
  • Integrated Change Management
  • Application monitoring

Get Started with DevOps

Star Knowledge as the best cloud and DevOps consulting company assists business in beginning their  journey of DevOps. We’re focused on helping software development and IT Consulting companies in DevOps implementation, engineering as well as cloud based solutions. Contact our team now for a perfect DevOps-enabled organization.

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