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Top SharePoint Apps for your business

07 June 2024

Ever wondered how centralized employee information systems can double your company’s productivity? Enter the transformative world of Microsoft SharePoint applications. With these cloud-based solutions, you can eliminate data chaos, streamline HR operations, and create a unified HR hub.

Embrace a smoother workflow with automated approvals, neatly organized files, and comprehensive HR management. Effortlessly enhance applicant quality, employee satisfaction, and performance metrics. Seamlessly integrate with Power Apps and Flow, ensuring your data is accessible on any device, anywhere.

Dive into the top 5 SharePoint apps that promise to elevate your organization’s productivity and operational efficiency. Discover the unparalleled capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint applications today!

  1. Employee Onboarding and Offboarding Software

Streamline your onboarding and offboarding processes with the robust capabilities of SharePoint. This dynamic app ensures a smooth transition for new employees and accelerates their access to vital resources.

Gone are the days of prolonged waiting periods to access essential systems. With SharePoint, role-based access controls ensure immediate integration into your company’s ecosystem, allowing new hires to start contributing value almost instantly.

For New Employees:

  • Rapid Integration: Swift access to necessary tools and systems within hours.
  • Seamless Transition: Minimize the “new job limbo” with quick onboarding.
  • Boosted Engagement: Foster early enthusiasm and commitment.

For Departing Employees:

  • Graceful Exits: Implement a thoughtful offboarding process that leaves a positive final impression.
  • Valuable Feedback: Gain insights from departing staff to inform organizational growth.
  • Future Prospects: Maintain good terms to encourage the return of top talent.
  1. Employee Directory: Harnessing the Power of Information

The SharePoint Employee Directory is a goldmine of organizational data. This app catalogues names, contact information, certifications, and job specifics for all employees, fostering a deeper understanding of your workforce.

Key Advantages:

  • Efficient Collaboration: Identify the right collaborators through a clear organizational hierarchy.
  • Easy Scheduling: Access to availability and location details simplifies meeting coordination.
  • Instant Connectivity: Quick access to contact information supports prompt communication and collaboration, enhancing the experience for remote workers.

Feature Highlights:

  • SharePoint Integration: Enjoy seamless access and a tailored user experience with apps for SharePoint and custom add-ins.
  • User-Friendly Design: Navigate effortlessly with an engaging interface powered by Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Real-Time Updates: Automatic updates ensure your directory reflects the most current employee information.
  1. Organizational Chart: Visualizing Company Structure

The Office 365 organizational chart is a vital tool for visualizing and understanding your company’s structure. This feature-rich app provides a clear depiction of job roles and relationships, supporting both in-person and remote teams.

Explore Layouts and Syncing:

  • Accurate Syncing: Sync employee data from SharePoint profiles for up-to-date accuracy.
  • Comprehensive Visualization: Understand the hierarchy through intuitive flowchart formats.
  • Detailed Display: Tile patterns showcase profile pictures, names, and roles for a visually appealing overview.

Manage your hierarchy.

  • Flexible Assignments: Customize roles and reporting structures to fit your organization’s needs.
  • Advanced Search: Use filters to find employees by department quickly.
  • User Control: Implement access controls to manage and customize views securely.
  1. Knowledge Management Portal: Empowering Information Access

A Knowledge Management portal revolutionizes how employees and HR teams access and manage information. Centralize your company’s knowledge base, from policies to training materials, streamlining access and boosting productivity.

Core Benefits:

  • Centralized Hub: Organize crucial information in one accessible location, saving time and improving productivity.
  • Enhanced Communication: Foster collaboration and idea-sharing among employees.
  • Performance Tracking: Monitor training progress and identify skill gaps for targeted development.

By integrating SharePoint applications, you simplify information access, enhance internal communication, and efficiently track employee development, leading to improved retention and performance.

  1. Employee Spotlight: Celebrating Achievements

The Employee Spotlight portal is a dynamic space that boosts employee engagement by recognizing individual contributions. Using SharePoint applications, this platform highlights and celebrates exceptional employee efforts, promoting a positive workplace culture.

Engagement and Recognition:

  • Highlight Achievements: Acknowledge outstanding performance and encourage continued excellence.
  • Foster Teamwork: Provide a platform for sharing success stories and best practices.
  • Promote Communication: Keep employees informed and connected with company news and updates.

Leveraging SharePoint’s custom apps, the Employee Spotlight site enhances engagement, strengthens retention, and fosters a sense of community—all at a cost-effective price point.


The SharePoint HR suite offers a wealth of tools to refine and enhance your HR processes. If you’re part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, leveraging SharePoint apps can significantly boost your operational efficiency.

We’re ready to guide you through the myriad of HR apps designed to automate and streamline your processes. Explore the capabilities of SharePoint custom apps and the seamless integration of Microsoft SharePoint applications within your HR framework. Contact us today to unlock the next level of HR efficiency with SharePoint.

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